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Core languages / office

We translate to English from languages of emerging markets in among others Asia (and vice versa): Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai and Vietnamese. SCIPAT has regional offices in Belarus, China, Egypt, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.

100% Human Translations

We guarantee all our translations are completely made by human translators. The types of documents with specialized technical information translated by SCIPAT are not suitable for machine translations from our core languages. Instead, we offer fully human translations.

National Patent Filing

All patents translated for foreign filing comply with all national filing requirements. We can deliver the translations to you or forward them directly to your foreign associates or agents.

PCT National Phase Filing

With our specialization in Asian languages we provide you the benefit of processing all Asean filing languages in one process. Thanks to our process and focus costs remain friendly. Through our partner network we can provide translations for all PCT member states.

High volume and quality

All our certified translators are native speakers of at least one of our core languages. They have been selected only after rigorous testing and screening. All translators have a university degree relevant to the subject matter they translate. They all have the required high level of knowledge of the English language. Most of them also have a degree in English. All translators receive our extensive in-house training-on-the-job.

Our quality assurance (QA) department ensures all translations meet our professional criteria and your needs.

Fixed unit price

We offer a fixed price per translated page. This allows you to keep your translations cost-efficient.

Short turnaround time

For research and information translations SCIPAT prides itself on a maximum delivery time of 72 hours (and sometimes even 48 hours, as a customized service) after a translation is ordered by the client.